Pecan Grove Students exists to help students know Christ and make Him known.

Our desire is to see students move into a dynamic and intimate relationship with the Lord. A relationship in which God’s faithfulness and love moves from merely an idea we believe, to a reality we experience as we walk by faith.

Then, as this relationship arrests and remakes us, we gladly love and serve the world around us. This is solely and completely the Holy Spirit working in us; thus as we labor in leading, encouraging, and teaching students, we will—all the more—labor for them in prayer.


The student ministry is committed to teaching God’s Word.  Each and every week, students have multiple opportunities to learn about God’s work in history and in us, as we look at His Word together.


God has tasked parents with making disciples of their children.  Our parent small groups and prayer groups equip parents as they seek to fulfill this role.  Still, every son and daughter needs other adult voices in their lives saying the same things but in a different way.  Thus, we also partner by being a community of faith in the lives of students that reinforce what happens in the home.


Fellowship is intended to be more than pizza and Playstation, though we aren’t against those things. It is being of one heart and mind. Our many events and mission projects seek to deepen this oneness through shared experience, communication, and service.


Prayer is the lifeblood for any and all success this ministry achieves.  The Student Pastor, Bible Study leaders, parents, and other students pray regularly for the ministry and for individual students by name.